About the Founder

Rebecca (Feng) Ding

Founder & CEO of WeBranding Global

Act locally, think globally. That’s the motto of Rebecca Ding, founder and CEO of WeBranding Global.

Ding has spent the past 20+ years leading opinion on global branding experiences at multinational companies, including as the former Vice President of Samsung Electronics of Greater China, the executive council member of the Center for China & Globalization, the global advisory board member of Brand Union, and as a judge for the Effie Awards of Greater China. Ding’s networks of international business leaders spans continents from her time at the top business schools across the world, including Harvard Business School, MIT, and as a Professional Fellow of Columbia University.

Operation Team

Our global team provides accurate and timely business intelligence & market analysis for strategic decision makers. We supply your team with regional expertise, local knowledge, analytical support and implementation total-solution. Let us handle your overseas development and enhance your core competencies.

We are part of your team.

We believe we go further when we go together.